Book tour – Sexy to Go Halloween Box Set

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Sexy to Go Halloween Box Set

Series: Sexy to Go


Publisher: Eva Lefoy

Genre: Erotic Romance

Publication Date: 08/01/2016


ISBN: 2940153355528


Number of pages: 160

Word Count: 40,000

Cover Artist: Sotia Lazu




9 sexily spooky stories featuring creatures that go bump in the night


Don’t Dare The Reaper by Leigh Ellwood

En route to a Halloween party, Cal and Sue perish in a car crash…or do they die? The handsome Reaper helps them “kill” time in Limbo.


Shhh by Jocelyn Dex

Miranda is freaked out by the weird happenings in her new house. Her husband Zac thinks it’s all in her head—moving stress and creepy Halloween decorations sparking an overactive imagination. Is Miranda crazy? Or is her fear justified?


Snowbound by Tara Quan

A naughty frost witch challenges an earth mage to a snowball fight. One of them gets spanked. Find out who!


Daughters of Astra: Jolie’s Pirate by Pamela Moran

Jolie has enough on her plate without having to deal with a black cat, a sexy pirate, and an ancient prophecy. Can Locke help her separate fantasy from reality or will he forever remain in another realm?


Charity’s Fortune by Daisy Banks

Halloween is time the young people of the county can get together without too much attention from their elders. This night the courageous will find out their future. Charity Burbage isn’t brave but she is willing to let Joe Anderson help her discover all she might need to know.


Made New by Eva Lefoy

Hoping to bring back her sexiness, Dr. Frankenstein creates a new body for his aging wife, but his plan goes awry when she creates a new lover of her own.


Shattered by Shiloh Saddler

Imagining fame and fortune, Elliot Giles ventures out on Halloween determined to capture a photograph of the supernatural. When he meets the vampire, Rafe, they strike a deal, but is it for more than he bargained?


Cat Eyes by Haley Whitehall

Opal Rinehart’s beloved black cat Alastair isn’t exactly the pet he appears. On Halloween his binding spell is broken and they form a deeper connection on a human level.


My Monster, my Dom by Eva Lefoy

When Victor’s creation demands a mate, he turns to a renowned explorer for help, ignorant of the famous man’s preference for BDSM. With his assistance, Victor opens up to his submissive side and lets the monster wield control.


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Excerpt – Shattered by Shiloh Saddler:

Peering through his camera, he scanned the cemetery for anything out of place. That’s when he saw the dark male figure, gazing back at him. The man was also garbed in a black coat and was kneeling beside a grave. When he stood Elliot’s breath hitched. The man was a lot taller than he’d first appeared. With a powerful presence he seemed to own the cemetery as if he belonged here. Cold eyes met his, silently demanding why he was intruding.

The stranger balled his hands and strode toward him.

Son of a bitch. Elliot wanted to run, but his feet remained rooted in the ground.

“What are you doing here?” the stranger demanded. He’d pushed off his hood, revealing his brass colored hair and stylish sideburns.

“T-taking p-pictures,” he stammered. “This is a public place.”

The stranger nodded, but did not break his gaze.

“What are you doing here?”

The tall stranger shrugged. “Paying respects to myself.” He gave a dry laugh and it reminded Elliot of crinkling leafs.

“Y-you don’t look like a ghost.” He knew he should duck behind the camera and snap a picture of this stranger while he still had the chance, but the man had entranced him. He exuded more masculine prowess than any man he’d ever seen.

“I’m not a ghost. I’m a vampire.”

Vampire? Shit.

Now that he’d found the vampire he’d sought since childhood it suddenly seemed a terrible idea.

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About the Author Eva LaFoy:

Eva Lefoy didn’t drop off the hay wagon yesterday but she sure comes up with wild ideas. So she created Sexy to Go to showcase different authors’ works (and her own) and bring them to new readers all over the globe. She lives in Washington state where when she’s not writing, she’s hiking and drinking tea.




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