Blurb blitz & giveaway – The Black Werewolves Box Set by Gaja J. Kos


The Black Werewolves Box Set

by Gaja J. Kos


GENRE:  Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance




Enter the world where myth becomes reality, where long forgotten gods walk the earth, and where love forms bonds that cannot be broken even in the raging winds of battle.

Box set contains: The Dark Ones, The 24hourlies, Chased (novella)



Rose felt his muscles flex in graceful movement as he sprinted towards the courtyard that lay just beyond the alley. As soon as they left the narrowness of the walls, he leaped into the air and extended his wings, each bat taking them higher, until she could see the length of her street coming into full view below them. The simargl used the wind currents, leisurely taking her in a semi-circle around her neighborhood, before rising higher, his fur and his feathers shimmering in the unimpeded rays of sunlight.

The wind brushed against her skin as they gained speed; it would have been painful for a human, their less protected skin exposed to the elements like this, however, she welcomed the coolness it brought, knowing she still had the luxury of doing a half-shift at any time, should the strokes of fresh air become too aggressive for the tough, but nonetheless more sensitive human form.

The green landscape of Slovenia lay outstretched below them as the simargl kept a steady course, leaving the concrete circle of Ljubljana in the distance and taking them further southeast.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Gaja J. Kos is the international bestselling author of the urban fantasy series BLACK WEREWOLVES and the erotic paranormal romance novellas DROWNED. She is also a bilingual poet with 12 published poetry collections.

Gaja resides in Celje, Slovenia, with her husband and two Chinese Crested dogs.









Gaja J. Kos will be awarding $30 Amazon or Barnes and Noble GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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12 thoughts on “Blurb blitz & giveaway – The Black Werewolves Box Set by Gaja J. Kos

    • That’s a tough one! I think my hometown wins. It where I grew up, where I live now with my husband and our dogs… And something about the atmosphere here is good for my writing 🙂

      The second one would have to be Tignes, France. I LOVE the alps. I love skiing, hiking, I absolutely can’t get enough of that fresh mountain air… And from all the places I’ve visited, it’s the most low-key yet lively location. And the ski slopes are fantastic!

      The third, well, that’s probably the hardest one for me to choose. I’ve always felt a kind of connection with Paris and Munich (perhaps because I’ve been there so many times), but I think Carpinteria should get a mention. I don’t know how much has changed since the last time I’ve been there (I think it was 15 years ago?!?), but I remember how great the town made me feel 🙂


  1. First of all, thank you for hosting!

    And thanks everybody for the comments. I had some internet issues for the past couple of days but will get around to answering tomorrow. It’s nearly midnight where I live, so I’m off to bed.

    Talk to you soon!

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