Book tour & giveaway – THE DEVIL’S FLOOD by Pearl R. Meaker



by Pearl R. Meaker


GENRE: Cozy Mystery





Can a house vanish without a trace? What is the “super booze” that’s available at clandestine drinking parties in Golden County? When mummified bodies show up at an archeological dig and a young man gets shot in a duel at a party, can Emory and Madison find the answers in the midst of a flood year?



Melva picked up the bigger doll, handling it with caring gentleness.

“Wow. This is well made. And to think my great-great-greatgrandmother made it all by hand. She’s what, about eight inches tall? Obviously not part of a doll house, unless the girls wanted to pretend she was a giant.” Her voice sounded dreamy as she danced the doll gracefully from side to side. “Maybe a giant’s daughter.”

Madison picked up the smaller doll.

I watched as they danced the dolls around the piles of memories on my kitchen table and a knowin’ came over me as I did.

Madison was touched by the care put into the tiny handmade doll. She had never known a simple life like the little girl whose doll she held. Even though, as far as I knew, the Twombly family had always raised their children to be as down to earth as possible, it is still very different when you’re a child of the richest family in a small town.

Melva lived in the age of electricity and electronic gadgetry. She’d had comforts beyond the imaginations of the farm girls she was distantly related to. But, I sensed that as those long ago girls had, Melva had lived a hard life. She had worked at her family’s restaurant since she was little and had lost her mother when still a child. Yet I smiled at the soft smile on her face and the gentle way she moved the bigger doll. The doll moved like the accomplished dancer who controlled her had once moved—pirouetting high on her toes and leaping gracefully over objects that had strayed from the piles.

Strangely in unison, the dolls stopped dancing. The twenty-first century girls came back to the now.




Thank you, Nikolina, for having me on your blog today. J

“No wonder inspiration is rare. You’re trying to catch an abstract action or state that is climbing to a spire’s height in a limited period of time.”

I came up with that in 1985 (yes, I’m oldish) as part of a calligraphy piece I did for a cousin’s graduation gift. I had no “inspiration” for what to make for her when the inspiration came to find the definitions of the parts of the word.

In, prep. 3. Used to indicate inclusion within or occurrence during a period or limit of time.

Spire, verb 4. To shoot or rise into spire-like form; rise or extend to a height in the manner of a spire.

-tion, a suffix occurring in words of Latin origin, used to form abstract nouns and verbs not identical with verbs, whether as expressing action or state.

I found myself wondering if whoever came up with the word “inspiration” used those definitions to put the word together to begin with.

All of us get asked at some point, or many points, in our lives “What inspires you the most.” And I think many of us have trouble answering because it is often so hard to tack down, especially the “most” part of that question.

I’ll tell you some of the things that inspire me with my writing, but I can’t really tack it down to a “most.”

Favorite authors of mine down through the years. Did reading them make me decide to become an author – no. Not really. I was going to be a professional artist or an art teacher, not a writer. But they did inspire me to think that it must be such fun to paint such wonderful pictures with words as well as pigments. That it must be so cool to tell a story so well it makes people laugh or cry. Now I’ve found out – it’s a blast! J

My husband and my kids. From my first attempts at writing, two fan-fiction stories based on Dr. Who and one on Zorro, my family has inspired me via their enjoyment and their encouragement of the stories. It was a long time between those stories and all the J.R.R.Tolkien based fan-fiction stories I’ve written but they were the beginning and my family made me feel this was something I could do.

Readers of Tolkien based fan-fiction at and who read my stories there. Because of the encouragement of several regular readers I was inspired to try writing original stories that could be published.

And here I am now.

I have three books published that people are buying and reading. And yes – it still amazes me.

Now, I’m inspired to keep writing by the enthusiasm and encouragement of my readers. All of you. You comment at Amazon and Goodreads. You show up at tour stops, like this one, on my blog tours when a new book launches. Many of you even stop by my Facebook and Pinterest pages and respond to Tweets.

I write for you.

I’m inspired to keep writing because you find enjoyment, escape and (I hope) relaxation while reading what I’ve written.

Thank everyone listed here for being my inspiration. I wouldn’t be writing the Emory Crawford Mysteries without you.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Slightly quirky, always creative, Pearl R. Meaker has been an artist, singer and craftsperson her whole life. Although she’s always had stories in her head, they didn’t come out to play with others until the advent of home computers with their ease of making corrections and moving bits around.

After several years of writing fanfiction in the world of Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, she took a couple of writing courses and dove into writing original works of fiction, and The Emory Crawford Mysteries were born.

When not playing with story ideas you can find Pearl playing with yarn either knitting or crocheting, doing other arts and crafts, bird watching and photographing nature, playing bluegrass fiddle (her husband plays banjo) or relaxing with her hubby on the sofa watching mystery shows on Netflix.

Oh – and reading all sorts of books, but especially cozy and other types of mysteries!

The books in The Emory Crawford Mysteries Series are reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple mysteries, which is why Pearl has chosen to characterize her stories as “murder genteel.”

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