Book tour & giveaway – Vacation to Graceland by Phillip Cornell


Vacation to Graceland

by Phillip Cornell


GENRE:  Vacation/Comedy/Adventure





A man, his mother, his sister, his granny, his niece, and his nephew make a trip to Memphis Tennessee for a family reunion. During the course of the trip, the family encounter a series of circumstances that mold the trip into an unforgettable experience. Through the arguing and internal bickering within the group, they come together and strengthen the blood bond they share with each other. Reflecting on each and every situation encountered, the man realizes the trip is an overall social, emotional, and educational journey.



Ardella went into the women’s restroom, and I waited by the sculpture until she was done. While I was waiting for Ardella, I lost track of Mike. I knew he had not gone far, but I could not see him. All of sudden a crowd of people rushed into the court! Most of the women ran into the women’s restroom, and some of the guys ran into the men’s restroom. I stepped out the way of mob. I assumed someone had gotten shot, but I did not hear a gunshot! After 10 minutes of chaos, Ardella found me standing by the sculpture. She asked me what happened. From her vantage point, she just saw a bunch of people rush into the restroom while she was inside of it. I told her I was not sure, but I did not hear a gunshot. Ardella shrugged it off, and we found Mike and his friend by the barbeque stand.

Mike’s friend told me that the barbeque stand, I was standing next to, was the best barbeque in Memphis. My initial observation of the food stand was that it was nothing but Africans cooking food. I was not sure if I wanted to eat there, but after short consideration, I decided to roll the dice and give it a try. I stood in line, with Ardella, waiting to be serviced.

Before we got to the front counter, I asked Ardella what she was eating. Ardella usually eats clean, and does not eat greasy fattening food. This night she had been drinking, so she was fine with taking a break from her usual eating habits. She did keep her strict policy of not eating pork. This cut her options of food drastically! She was restricted to about 5 items on the menu. I felt bad for her, but it was her choice. I personally did not plan on giving up pork until I was 30 years of age. Ardella got some chicken, and I got a pulled pork sandwich.



Phillip Cornell: What inspires me the most?

When I first looked at the question of what inspires me the most, I will be honest, I thought of the most generic answer possible. I was going to say my family, specifically my mom, and my passion for writing and telling stories. That answer is true, but it is a little shallow.

My real inspiration goes a little deeper than external support from my family and friends. To fully explain it, I will have to explain what was going on with my life when I decided to start writing. I had already developed the skill, I was just using it for different things. Mainly it was being used to put effort into grad school applications. I was lost career wise, and I did not know what I was doing. Also the things I was trying to do was not working. I ultimately decided to just chill on grad school, and see how the job market was going to treat me.

The only job I could get, was a job I was already doing before I had a degree, and I could not get hired on full time. Accepting the fact that I might have possibly been lied to about the pros of having a college degree, something else happened! I started dating this girl who understood my struggle. Unfortunately she passed away due to a struggle with a lifelong disease, and I was in shambles. I told my support group about my struggles, but it was not enough. I started spending a lot of time by myself. I was not working full time, so I had plenty of time to sit and think. I always told my friends I would write a book, so I went to the store and bought 2 notebooks and some pens.

I looked at the notebook, and started writing about what happened to me the last couple of months, and most importantly how I felt about it. This process alone became therapeutic. I felt better while I was writing, and felt even better after I read through what I wrote. This is where I had an epiphany. If writing and reading made me feel better, then who else could I help? Who else could I touch? The possibilities are endless, I just have to put in the work to make sure my talent is viewed. So when someone ask, “What inspires me most?” It is the possibility of what I could be, and what I could do for others.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

mediakit_authorphoto_vacationtogracelandPhillip Cornell is a college graduate. He gained his degree in Biological Sciences, and currently works at a local pharmacy.  He is the only son of Harron and Connie Cornell, and the youngest of 3 children. In 2006 his father passed away due to colon cancer, and his mom became an inspiration to him and his family in the way she supported everyone. He has a passion for all types of competitive activity, with sports being the favorite. Overall he lives for different experiences to stimulate the mind, and firmly believes that life is something that has to be lived, read about, and dissected. His biggest weakness is beautiful women, and the thought of being a failure. Firmly believing everyone deserves their moment no matter how long or short it is, Phillip listens to anyone who has something to say. The more he writes. The more he realizes what he creates, is something that needs to be shared with someone other than himself.




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  1. Hello! Before I bake some pies for the kids for our Thanksgiving dinner, I wanted to drop by and say thank you once again for the giveaway. Anyone celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!


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