Book tour & giveaway – Rebellion by Rowan Bishop



by Rowan Bishop


GENRE:  Science Fiction Romance





Akyra Roux is an up-and-coming Security Operations commander: ambitious, dedicated, and fearless. Her soldiers have a reputation for getting the job done and cracking skulls, earning her a perilous mission to the far fringes of the galaxy.

As soon as she lands, however, Akyra learns the hard way that rival factions have a lot to gain by seeing her fail, no matter what the cost…

Captain Raemus Petrus is the hunky, charismatic leader of the genetically-engineered Titans stationed at the outpost. He has a job to do and battles to fight, and he doesn’t let anything get in his way. However, when Akyra and her team of hot-blooded females land on the planet, his need to protect her and his duty to betray her collide…

Can Raemus, engineered to be ruthless, prove he has enough humanity buried inside his heart to salvage his honor, save Akyra, and ultimately prove his ability to love?

Can Akyra, running from her past, learn to lose control of the one thing holding her back, her own heart?



“You’d give all this up?” Raemus pointed to the cluttered mess of the vehicle maintenance shed they’d been facing the whole time, “for a family?”

Akyra shrugged. “Family isn’t an option anymore.” She rubbed the birth control bolt deep in the skin of her shoulder, the one engineered with a homing beacon that would bring arrest, conviction, and death if removed from her body. “Being really good at fighting for The Church is all I got.” She felt pressure behind her eyes, and her nose began to itch, but she shook it off. “That’s why I’m the best commander I can be.” Akyra rubbed her hands against the intensifying cold. “What’s your excuse?”

Raemus didn’t miss any signs of sadness spreading over Akyra’s body, the slight slouch, the successive blinks, the three irregular deep breaths. “I’m with you,” he said. “I get it. When shooting bad guys gets you through the day, might as well become the best at it.”

She laughed through the frog in her throat. “Yes. Exactly.”

“Well, let’s see… I can let you shoot Levi over there if that’ll make you feel any better.”

She blurted out a big laugh.

Her smile! Raemus thought. Rich and honest. So… real.



Rowan Bishop: Why I write the kinds of books I do.

Science Fiction is often defined as “the literature of change.” How will humanity differ in the future? What challenges will it face, and more importantly, how will it rise to those challenges?

Therefore, in my eyes, the very best science fiction examines humanity’s courage during the worst of times to come. Will we face our disasters with grit? With spunk? Will we honor our past accomplishments by trouncing the future’s calamities?

Lots of questions. But that’s what makes science fiction so appealing. While probing the limits of our moxie, we get to throw ourselves into outrageous, implausible adventures. We get to explore the most extreme joys of our imagination. And, perhaps the most fun as a writer, we get to throw ourselves into the most grueling catastrophes that we can think of. And believe me, as a group, science fiction writers have a knack for thinking up the worst.

Then, there’s the romance part. Ultimately, I write about love. I write to prove that, in the face of all future change, love will still conquer all.

Combine the genres and, ta-da, you get science fiction romance. As a writer of SFR, I push the boundaries of love.  I champion love and its ability to persevere throughout the ages. I test whether love remains the one true constant in the universe where everything else, either because of us or despite us, continues to change.

Exchanging thoughts and ideas about these things with readers is, consequently, a total blast.

For instance, I’d love to hear you answer: what’s something we might face in the future that could truly test the limits of love?

Drop your answer in the comments at:

I’d love to respond to you!!




AUTHOR Bio and Links:


All her life, Rowan Bishop has thrown herself into both romance and science fiction every chance she could, so it was destiny that she’d fall in love with the growing subgenre of science fiction romance.

Consequently, she stepped away from her retail career to focus on her dream of writing full-time. The new girl on SFR scene, she brings her electrifying love stories and her naughty fantasies to our galaxy.

Rowan Bishop is her penname.

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21 thoughts on “Book tour & giveaway – Rebellion by Rowan Bishop

  1. Hi Nikolina! Thank you so much for hosting today!

    I’m looking forward to connecting with you and some of your readers. I hope Science Fiction Romance hits the spot for some of them!

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    • Gosh, Bernie. I just reread Cormac Mccarthy’s The Road. There’s no way to express how impactful that novel is.
      What about you?


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