Book tour & giveaway – The Mirror of Doom by Bailey Baxter


The Mirror of Doom

by Bailey Baxter


GENRE: Middle Grade





What would you do if you got stuck in another world? 12-year-old Tim Hunter and his two older siblings panicked. Just a little. (Can you blame them?) Unfortunately, the only way they can return home is to steal a magic mirror from an evil queen. Yes, that’s right. Evil! To make matters even worse, enemy soldiers, horrible creatures called galrogs, and even a dragon will do anything to stop them. Do they have what it takes to make it home alive? There’s one way to find out. This fun, fantasy-adventure for middle-grade readers is available on



With a sense of desperation, I pressed my shoulder through the mirror. Stretching my arm out as far as it could reach, I could just brush the diary with the tips of my fingers. I almost had it.

And then the worst things imaginable happened all at once.

The door flew open.

Kat yelled my name.

And I went sprawling head first through the mirror.

Pushed! Uncle Edgar pushed me!

I picked myself up off the hard wooden floor and looked around, stunned.

I was in a large, round room with very high ceilings. Sunlight streamed through long, narrow windows, revealing gray stone walls covered with tapestries, a big fireplace stained with soot, and one very plain bench. A tall, fancy mirror stood in the shadows.

The mirror!

I raced over to it — and stopped. A boy with dark spiky hair and skinny legs was staring back at me, fresh scrapes on his bony elbows and knees.

“Oh, no!” I said, sinking down to the floor.

The boy in the mirror did the same.

I reached out a shaky hand and felt the cool, hard surface.

It was solid, just like a normal mirror.

There was no way back.



AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Bailey Baxter is the pen name of a somewhat successful copywriter who writes online “junk mail” for health supplement companies. She’s been writing stories since childhood. In fact, when she was 12, Bailey wrote and illustrated tiny books that she stapled together and passed to her friend during class. (She was never caught.)

Bailey grew up in Ellington, CT – a small town where cows outnumbered people 2 to 1. She currently lives in Asheville, NC with a mischievous Shih-tzu named Lucy. Fortunately, Asheville is weird – and proud of it – so it gives her plenty of inspiration and plot ideas for new books.

Her first book, The Mirror of Doom, was inspired by a certain pesky brother named “Jimmy” and the childhood desire to find a wardrobe to a place like Narnia.

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Bailey Baxter will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.


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11 thoughts on “Book tour & giveaway – The Mirror of Doom by Bailey Baxter

  1. Audrey, I really think your nephew will enjoy “The Mirror of Doom.” It’s written from Tim’s perspective, which makes it fun to read. Actually, the character Tim made the book so much fun to write as well!


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