Book tour & giveaway – The Singer and the Charlatan by D.C. Fergerson


The Singer and the Charlatan

by D.C. Fergerson


GENRE: Fantasy




Leanna Moonbody dreams of playing at the Saul Amphitheater. With just one adventure to fund her trip, she meets up with a priestess that dreams of a massive flock to take on a pilgrimage. Together, Leanna will set up the crowds, and Priestess Trixi will bring them to Our Lord.

With an elf, dwarf, rogue, pixie and a paladin on their side, they set out to realize both their dreams. They just have to maneuver past a lovesick noble, the clergy, a deranged halfling that can’t seem to die, and a plague.

What could possibly go wrong?



“Ooh, this is exciting,” Leanna said with a smile, grabbing up Tear and Jonathan’s hands.

With the circle complete, Trixi looked to the ceiling.

“Lord. Oh, Lord, who is great and true. Take this offering of Form R226 and whatever leftovers we have here from dinner. Commune with me so that I may be a better Fawnspear, walking the path of truth. May it be really, really funny.”

With that, the scroll burned away before their eyes. Then, nothing. The silence became awkward.

“Did it not work?” Jonathan asked.

“Quiet,” Trixi demanded, turning her ear to the table.

The faint sound of terribly boring music filled the space all around the table. Any old ear would think it came from the building next door, but the trained ear of a Thistlite knew better. She listened to the song for a moment with her eyes closed.

Leanna joined in, leaning in to try and make out the tune. Suddenly, a loud voice spoke out, scaring her so bad she almost fell out of her chair.

“Our Lord is currently speaking with another faithful! You are very important to Our Lord! Your prayer shall be heard in the order it was received!”

Leanna broke the circle. “Oh, come on! Why did that have to be the loud part?”

“Leanna, you must be quiet,” Trixi whispered. “I’m sure he’ll be here soon.” 


Guest post: Interview of Leanna Moonbody from The Singer and the Charlatan

We’ve just penned The Singer and the Charlatan, the tale of your first adventure with Priestess Trixi. People are saying it’s quite funny. Was the adventure fun for you?

I had the most fun when Priestess Trixi and Weevil were bickering. I love the drama of a good fight. The rest of the journey sounds like fun, but I think it’s funny if you’re pointing and laughing at all the horrible things that happened along the trip to Saul. I still get sick thinking about apples.

What about Lord Venegrass? He spent quite a bit of time chasing you around.

Ugh, that guy has zero personality. For an important rich guy, about the only thing he proved money could buy were nice dresses. Really nice dresses. Plus, you know, I accidentally made him insane.

Priestess Trixi’s religion isn’t very popular. What made you decide you’d team up with her?

It wasn’t a choice, really. She has her path to walk, and her path happens to like walking blindfolded people into trees to teach them a lesson or something. Who am I to judge?

What about Jonathan Twilight? He might be your protégé, but do I detect a hint of romance?

He hasn’t met any standards yet. He’s not very good with the guitar, and that cologne! Who carries cologne as one of their essentials when tracking through the wilderness?

Is it true you have no memories of your past? Why don’t you seem more interested in learning about it?

I don’t have any use for the past. It’s boring. The future can be anything I want it to be, and right now I’m happy being Leanna Moonbody. Could you imagine if someone told me my name was Jennifer or something horribly normal? Gods, no, I’m happy being me.

Well, this has been fun. Any idea what we can expect in the next book, The Princess and the Holy Juggernaut?

A lot of new dresses for me, Trixi starts getting her pilgrimage on the road, and I meet the most awesome cow there ever was! Oh, yeah, and people try to kill us with a giant Juggernaut.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_TheSingerAndTheCharlatan.jpgAn avid reader, fantasy gamer, humorist, husband, and father. I wear a lot of hats, some of them terribly silly, with feathers and such. I’ve channeled years Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and late-night stand-up comics into a series full of wit, charm, magic, and laughs.


Twitter: @DCFergerson


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D.C. Fergerson will be awarding a $25 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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