Book tour & giveaway – Claimed by the Cyborg by Cara Bristol


Claimed by the Cyborg

by Cara Bristol


GENRE:   Science Fiction Romance




March Fellows assumed he had all the time in the galaxy to pursue a relationship with Jules, an alien exchange student from Xenia, until she vanished without a trace. After years of searching, he finds his lost love on the eve of her arranged marriage.
The daughter of the Xenian emperor, Julietta never meant to fall in love with a Terran man while visiting Earth. Leaving to fulfill her responsibilities on her home planet opened up a hole in her heart that could never be filled. When March, now a cyborg, unexpectedly shows up just before she is to be bonded, she struggles to find the courage to turn him away a second time and follow through with her duty.
Before she can act, the lovers are thrust into a political conspiracy that threatens the Xenian empire and their lives.

Claimed by the Cyborg is a standalone read in the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance series.



Leaving had carved a hole so deep and wide it could never be filled. She averted her gaze. “I said I was sorry.”

“On my PerComm. Yeah, I got the message.”

“It was the only way.”

“No, it wasn’t the only way.” He glared. Terran eyes were so expressive, revealing every emotion. “Another option would have been to tell me the truth, face-to-face, to wake me the fuck up and say, “Gotta run. See, ya!”

Not an option. Because if she had, she never would have been able to leave at all.

“I made some mistakes,” she said. Going to Terra counted as the first one. Then she’d gotten involved with March. As powerful as falling in love had been, it hadn’t bestowed her with the courage to face her father and her family, the council, the seer, her people, her consort-to-be, and confess she didn’t want to come back or become empress. She desired to marry a Terran and have half-alien babies, if that was even possible. She’d had the weight of an entire world, a millennium of history on her shoulders, and she’d caved to duty, leaving while she could still do so.

“Yeah,” he said. “Me, too.” Meaning her. She was his mistake. She had earned his anger, but his bitterness dripped like acid on an already-wounded heart.

Tears welled in her eyes and trickled over her lower lids. They would leave black streaks down her cheeks, across the carefully designed whorls decorating her face. Incongruously, she wondered how long it would take for the design to fade without the act of sexual congress to activate her hormones. How long would be she marked as the almost bride?

“I deserved that,” she said, steeling her courage because she owed him an explanation. She twisted her hands. “I had to go. My father seems benign and doting, but he would have invaded Terra, stormed the university, and dragged me home.”

A small smile quirked at the corner of March’s mouth. “Having met your father and experienced his ‘hospitality,’ I believe you. The emperor is not a man to cross. Why didn’t you tell me who you were at the beginning?”

“Because, for once in my life, I wanted to be anonymous.”

“No one would have treated you any differently. They would have been surprised, at first, but after the curiosity wore off, you could have been that—just another college kid.”

“I would have known, and it would have changed everything.” She would have lost those precious, rare times when for a few moments, she did forget her station and duty. Oh, how she had loved cramming for exams, arguing and grousing in study groups, eating bad food, staying out too late with other students, the hustle and bustle of campus life, her one and only spring break spent at a beach town where she’d become inebriated. Shitfaced, the Terrans called it, which sounded worse than it was, because she’d loved the experience. It was so very…Terran.

Hey, Jules, you want to grab a cup of coffee? Hey, Jules, can you share your notes? Hey, Jules, there’s a party Saturday night. Hey, Jules, hey, Jules, hey. Jules. Oh, the sweet, sweet sound of it.

And then came March, who sought out her company not because he’d been chosen by the seer, but just because. And that was the sweetest of all.

Until the heartbreak. Her affair with anonymity had exacted a steep price.

“Would you have gotten involved with me if you had known my identity?” she asked.



Cara Bristol: What I wish I knew then that I know now

I published 30 books in seven years. My first romance was published in 2009 by Black Velvet Seductions, a small e-publish. I went on to publish 15 romances with Loose Id, Decadent Publishing, and LazyDay (Blushing Books) and Black Velvet, before going Indie in the latter part of 2014.

I’ve been asked to talk about the things I wish I knew before I was published:

  1. How supportive the author community is and how important those social connections are. People think of writers as being isolated in their offices hammering out that next book. Well, that part is true. But along the way, through social media, I’ve made some awesome, awesome writer friends who have helped me immensely. They’ve hosted me on their blogs, invited me to participate in anthologies, written reviews, offered advice and technical know-how, beta read manuscripts, and shared experiences. I’ve heard authors complain of jealousy and dirty tricks, but that has not been my experience.
  2. How easy and viable self-publishing is. I was afraid to take the leap at first. Self-publishing seemed so daunting, but I saw so many authors doing it successfully and surpassing traditionally published writers, that I decided to give it a try. Particularly with romance ebooks, you don’t need a publisher anymore. I’m not saying it’s not a lot of work (it is), but publishing is not a great mystery or difficult. I am glad that I was traditionally published first and had built up a readership before I went Indie, because starting cold would be hard.
  3. How dynamic publishing has become and how fast the market changes. Publishing used to be staid and steady. Now it changes in a flash. Nothing is the same now as it was when I was first published. Publishers that were in business when I started are no longer in business. Some booksellers have shut down. Book reviewers and bloggers come and go. Trends in marketing and promotion have shifted. Promotion efforts that used to work don’t anymore. Other opportunities have arisen that didn’t used to exist. Just when you think you have a handle on things, the situation changes. Yesterday’s hot genre is cold today.  And when Amazon implements a change, it affects the entire market. To stay ahead of the game—or at least keep up with it—you have to stay on your toes.
  4. How much a writing career consumes one’s life. I wrote fiction as a hobby for decades before I became published. My day job was in corporate public relations. When I came home from work, I was done. I had no trouble forgetting about work. When you work at home, because your schedule is flexible, work and nonwork time bleed together. I enter my office to do a quick email check, and two hours pass. When take off in the middle of the day for errands, appointments, etc.  I have to make up that time on weekends, resulting in a seven-day workweek.  I wake up the middle of the night thinking about my stories. But I love it. Being an author is my dream job.
  5. How much I would learn. Want an education? Write a book! I’m continually learning new skills. Because of writing, I’ve learned how to self-publish, how to market a romance novel, how to do my own graphics, how to do a print book, how to do a newsletter, how to organize a street team, how to use so many different social media sites for promotion. The list goes on. I also strive to improve my storytelling and writing. I think my books are better now than they were when I started writing. I hope readers think so, too.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol has been the no. 1 best seller in science fiction romance, bdsm erotica, and holiday fiction on Amazon. She’s the author of two science fiction romance series featuring tough alpha heroes: the Cy-Ops Sci-fi Romance cyborg series and the Breeder science fiction romance series, which emphasize character-driven stories written with a touch of humor and sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara lives in Missouri with her own alpha hero, her husband.


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Twitter: @CaraBristol



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Book blast & giveaway – Beauty’s Thief by Konstanz Silverbow

Beauty's Thief

Beauty’s Thief by Konstanz Silverbow


Not every monster has claws—not every beauty is kind.

Born a princess, raised to be queen, but living as a servant, Avalyn never realized she would pay the price for her father’s mistakes. Now Avalyn is living in a castle not her own, a slave to an evil witch who wants revenge on the man who betrayed her trust and ruined her.

For Avalyn, her real punishment has yet to begin.

She will be cursed to work for the witch for the next one hundred years unless true love can find its way into the castle and into her heart.
Now the princess’s freedom rests in the hands of a lowly thief who cares only for himself.


Author Konstanz Silverbow

Konstanz Silverbow has always been a dreamer . . . but not a writer. Being an author was something she was dragged into. But since that day, she hasn’t stopped. It has become more than a hobby, it is a passion.

During the day Konstanz works, making jewelry, playing the violin, collecting dragons, and learning all she can about medieval weapons. But at night she creates made up worlds and places where those dragons come to life and the weapons are used in battle.”

Proud Creator of magical worlds, fictional creatures, ideal super heroes and sarcasm since 2007!

Website * Facebook * Twitter

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Release blitz & giveaway – Dark Protector by Celia Aaron


 Title: Dark Protector

Author: Celia Aaron

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 27, 2017



From the moment I saw her through the window of her flower shop, something other than darkness took root inside me. Charlie shone like a beacon in a world that had long since lost any light. But she was never meant for me, a man that killed without remorse and collected bounties drenched in blood.I thought staying away would keep her safe, would shield her from me. I was wrong. Danger followed in my wake like death at a slaughter house. I protected her from the threats that circled like black buzzards, kept her safe with kill after kill.

But everything comes with a price, especially second chances for a man like me.

Killing for her was easy. It was living for her that turned out to be the hard part.

Author’s Note: This is a full-length romance novel. Explicit violence and hot sex included. HEA, no cheating.


Dark Protector Teaser 3.jpg

Purchase Links

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

Dark Protector Teaser 1.jpg

Author Bio

Celia Aaron is a recovering attorney who loves romance and erotic fiction. Dark to light, angsty to funny, real to fantasy—if it’s hot and strikes her fancy, she writes it. Thanks for reading.

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Book Blitz & giveaway – Melancholy Ghost by Kat Mayor

Melancholy Ghost banner

This is my stop during the book blitz for Melancholy Ghost by Kat Mayor. This book blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. The book blitz runs from 21 till 27 February. You can see the blitz schedule here.


Melancholy Ghost (Spirit Chasers #2)

By Kat Mayor

Genre: Paranormal

Age category: Adult

Release Date: 14 February, 2017




From ghost hunter to ghost, haunted.

Barrett has a plan—help Austin regain his memory, surround him with his friends and loved ones, and lead him into the light. Unfortunately, the tragic investigation of a melancholy ghost derails everything.

As new lead investigator, Thai struggles to maintain the high ratings SCI has always enjoyed. After a few subpar investigations, the network execs demand results, even if it means the team must put their lives on the line for a house more deadly than its dead occupants.

There are worse things than being dead.

Austin knows something is wrong. Most people ignore him, time eludes him, and his hands are basically worthless. If only he could remember what happened, he would have the answers he so desperately seeks. He’s sick of Barrett’s lies and Casey’s deflections. Austin will have to figure this one out on his own. Will the truth set him free, or destroy his soul?


You can find Melancholy Ghost on Goodreads

You can buy Melancholy Ghost here: Amazon | Amazon Paperback


Excerpt – Stanton Estate

“So, why are you here, bothering the living? Why haven’t you crossed into the light?”

The ghost chuckled, as if amused. Then his gaze turned dark. Before Barrett could stop him, the angry ghost transformed into a white mist and dove into Barrett’s nose and mouth. One moment Barrett was a casual observer of a long ago family squabble, the next, he was part of the action, lying on the floor peering up into Theodore’s hate-filled eyes.

You think you can come in here and steal what I built, Ernst? Is that it?

Theodore was standing over Barrett with a pistol pointed at his forehead. Barrett’s heart hammered in his chest. He thinks I’m his brother, Ernst. He’s really going to shoot me. This is real. Barrett’s lips formed words that were not his own. It’s mine, you bastard. You took it from me. Then Barrett spit on the ground.

The loud concussion of the gun firing was the last thing Barrett heard before the spirit vacated his mind and body. Barrett found himself curled in a ball against the wall, drawing in deep, frantic breaths. Teddy stood, chuckling at the pathetic clairvoyant he’d taken down in a matter of minutes. You are a simple-minded medium, aren’t you? Theodore said, as Barrett slowly pulled himself up. Gary stared at the space the ghostly voice inhabited. The light doesn’t want me, and I don’t want it. I made my choice; I’m judged. I will remain here. Keep Ernst’s thieving bastards from taking what doesn’t belong to them.

Gary gave Barrett a hand up. It was then that Barrett noticed the ghosts had chosen sides. Before, he thought the ghosts were all clustered around Theodore. Actually they were divided in half. One group was surrounding Theodore on one side of the room, and a second fright of ghosts stood on the opposite side, glaring at them. Front and center in that group was the brother, Ernst, who Theodore shot and killed over a hundred years before.

Barrett made a move to climb the staircase when Theodore appeared directly in front of him. Not a step farther. Barrett started to shove past the spirit when the walls creaked and the staircase rumbled under his feet. He reached out, grasping the railing. Without even closing his eyes, Barrett slipped into a trance-state. His physical body was on the first riser, holding the banister. But someone or something had hijacked his mind for the second time this evening, taking him to a place he didn’t want to be.

It was pitch-black, and Barrett was alone. After his eyes adjusted to the dark, he realized he was in an inner part of the house, like a crawl space inside the walls or, more likely, a basement. A plink, plink, plink echoed against the stone walls as water from a leaky pipe dripped down on a hard surface in a distant room. There was a loud, electric, hum in the background. Up ahead, he heard the clank of the furnace firing up. He placed his hand against the wall and yanked it back quickly, blowing on his fingers. “Son of a bitch!” The cinderblock was glowing hot. Were the stones melting? Sweat rolled down his cheek and he wiped it away. Just a moment ago it had been a cool forty degrees in the house. Now, it had to be at least ninety. He pulled off his hoodie, not that it helped much. Sweat stained his T-shirt around the collar and under his arms. If he didn’t figure a way out of this, he was going to die of heat exhaustion. The house creaked and shifted. Every hair on his body stood at attention. Correction. If I don’t get out of here, the place will fall down on top of me.

A voice he hadn’t heard in over a year spoke to his mind. Run! Barrett’s eyes flew open and he gasped. He was back in the Stanton’s living room with Gary staring at him like he had grown three heads.

“Let’s go.” He grabbed the sleeve of Gary’s shirt and pulled him toward the front door and onto the front lawn, to what Barrett deemed a safe distance from the house.

“What the hell happened in there?” Gary asked Barrett. “You were standing there with me, but you were in some kind of altered state. I tried to talk to you, wake you up, but it was clear nobody was home.”

Barrett opened his mouth, then closed it. He had no answer. His mind was still processing all the paranormal shit that had been thrown at him in such a short time period. “How long … was I out of it?”

“About five minutes. Your eyes were wide open, but you weren’t seeing me.” Gary’s eyes were drawn to the psychic’s shaking hand as he twisted his silver ring. “You need a break before we do the rest of the walkthrough?”

“We’re done,” Barrett told him. He was intensely aware of his heart pounding in his chest. He could hear the blood throbbing in his ears. After taking a deep, steadying breath, Barrett turned and power walked to the tech trailer.

Gary ran to catch up. “What’s wrong, man? That ghost must’ve really shook you up.”

“Not the ghost. The house.” He turned to look back at the twin windows flanked by black shutters on the second story. In the dark, they looked like menacing eyes, daring him to return. Bile rose in his throat. “There is something way wrong with this house.”


Start this series with The Spirit Chaser! Only 0.99$!

The Spirit Chaser
Some places are too evil. Some places should be left alone.

The Spirit Chaser is only 0.99$, so you can start this series for cheap. You can buy The Spirit Chaser on Amazon.


About the Author:

Kat Mayor

I am a native Texan, wife, and mom. In addition to The Spirit Chaser, I have written a young adult series, The Circle. I’m a full-time reader, part-time writer, and when I’m not kicking a story around in my head, I love to read and review books on Goodreads.

You can find and contact Kat Mayor here:





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Book blast & giveaway – Sprinkled with Love by Jennifer Faye

Sprinkled with Love by Jennifer Faye

What does one do with a matchmaking cat named Romeo?

Spirited and beautiful, Jillian Parker is one of Marietta’s newest business owners. Still, her mother worries about Jillian’s bare ring finger. So in order to give her mother something else to fuss over, Jillian adopts a cat named Romeo. He turns out to be anything but a docile lap cat.

One snowy night, Romeo makes a break for it. With Jillian right on his heels, they have a near miss with a passing pickup driven by Avery Wainwright, one of Jillian’s closest friends. A rodeo accident has the sexy cowboy returning home to recuperate, and he’s not happy about it.

So when Avery finds himself lassoed into the Bachelor Bake-Off, he turns to the one person who has always helped him out—Jillian. But will teaching him to take chances outside of the show ring have them both discovering that their feelings for each other run much deeper than they ever imagined?


Jillian went to move past Avery, but with him standing behind the couch, there wasn’t much room between him and the wall. Not about to let on that it bothered her being this close to him, she forged ahead.

As she did, she got a whiff of his woodsy cologne. Mm… She kept moving, but her thoughts centered on the pleasing yet complex scent with its hints of fresh-cut cedar and other earthy tones mixed with his unique scent. It was quite a heady mixture.

Realizing she was letting her mind drift into dangerous territory, she reined it in. She focused on retrieving the cat. Knowing every inch of Avery’s family home, Jillian made her way to the back bedroom. Painted in purple and trimmed in white, it too was mostly as she remembered it. A new white comforter with large purple polka dots was the only notable difference. And there on the bed sat Marshmallow on a pillow while Romeo was curled up in the middle of the bed.

“There you are. You look mighty pleased with yourself.”

Romeo blinked his golden eyes.

Behind her, Jillian heard Avery’s uneven footsteps. She turned to him. “I thought Romeo was hiding?”

“He was. I swear.”

“Uh-huh. Then how do you explain this?” She moved aside so Avery could see both cats on the bed.

“Seems as though Romeo is making progress.”


Avery nodded. “It appears he has the hots for Marshmallow, but she isn’t having any part of it.”

Jillian’s gaze moved back to the cats. Romeo had turned his head to stare at Marshmallow. If a cat could make facial expressions, then Marshmallow was definitely frowning at Romeo. Jillian couldn’t hold back a laugh. This night was like one long, strange dream, ending with a budding feline romance. Is this what her life had become? Playing chaperone to cats?

Author Jennifer Faye

Award-winning author, Jennifer Faye pens fun, heartwarming contemporary romances with rugged cowboys, sexy billionaires and enchanting royalty. Internationally published with books translated into nine languages. She is a two-time winner of the RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award, the CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Award, named a TOP PICK author, and been nominated for numerous other awards.

Now living her dream, she resides with her very patient husband, amazing daughter (the other remarkable daughter is off chasing her own dreams) and two spoiled cats. When she’s not plotting out her next romance, you can find her curled up with a mug of tea and a book.

Website * Twitter * Facebook

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Book tour & giveaway – Glimmer by Rayna Noire



by Rayna Noire


GENRE:  Historical Fantasy





For seventeen years, the convent walls kept Meara Cleary from the secret of her own parentage. A bearded stranger claims she’s his niece and promises to take her home. Before he can, a cataclysmic event thrusts her into a war-torn world.

Meara vows to journey to Ireland to find her uncle, unaware of how perilous a journey it will be. Her Druidic father guides her through dreams, explaining her magical heritage. Her dead parent can’t help her with the intricacies of village life, especially when she catches the eye of the very engaged Braeden.

A whirlwind composed of equal parts menace, romance, and revelation sweep Meara across the continent while gathering allies and enemies with equal speed. Her intent to return to her family turns into a fight to survive her own destiny.



Her bare feet moved across the smooth stones, recognizing the cracked one, signaling she was close to the turn. Another fifteen feet she’d be in the courtyard. A footstep sounded, freezing her in place. She flattened herself against the wall and held her breath. Whoever it was carried no candle. Only a whisper of a breeze notated the passing.

Her heart raced as she continued to hold her breath, waiting for whoever it was to be far enough away before she dared to release it. The slight clunk of the exterior door closing signaled she could breathe once more. Her breath gusted out in a noisy rush. Still, she waited. Who else had decided to go out for the night? The better question was why.

After counting to one hundred in her head, Meara moved silently, her ears alert for any sounds out of the ordinary. She hadn’t expected someone else to take advantage of a full moon and a summer night, but someone had. Outside in the courtyard, the fountain splashed, and an owl hooted beyond the walls. A tiny skittering sound had her peering at her feet in time to see a tiny rodent scurry by with something in its mouth. The convent cat dropped down from the wall to follow.

Go little mouse, run. Meara found she had more in common with the mouse than she did with the cat. Her bare foot came down on a thorn of some sort. A deep inhale managed to hold in her yelp. Bending slightly, she rubbed her thumb over her foot until she found the offending item. A woman’s laughter drifted over the wall. Meara stood in her half-crouched position, straining her ears.



Rayna Noire: Things I Wish I Knew About Being an Author I Didn’t Know Before

My mother taught me to read and write at age four. She joked she did it to get some peace and be allowed to go about her tasks without me following her around asking questions. This resulted me in being a major pain in first grade. I read the reader in one day and told all the struggling readers how it ended. This didn’t make me popular with the teacher.

I redeemed myself, at least in my eyes, by writing alternative endings to the deadly dull reader. My classmates had to conquer reading to read my tales. You’d think my teacher would be grateful, but she disliked the action tales filled with bank robbers, train crashes and cowboys.

The first truth I learned at the tender age of six was not everyone will be a fan of my work.

Whenever I had time, I wrote and shared my efforts with classmates. Every one of them had ideas for character names, plot lines, and even settings. Often their suggestions came from popular television shows. This taught me my second lesson everyone will tell you how and what to write, but keep your own voice.

In middle school, I developed a gossipy tabloid, but I switched out the name of students and teachers with animals. Only a few knew who was giraffe or kangaroo. The rest guessed including the teachers who picked up copies of the forbidden newspaper. As hard as it is to believe, I didn’t have access to a printer, which forced me and my friends to hand copy the paper to have several copies. It was never enough, especially with teachers ripping up copies. Third lesson was to have stock on hand.

Be positive. This sounds simple, but not all authors do it. I’ve read rants about other authors, publishers, even politicians on social media. A reader put it in perspective by saying she didn’t want to know what an author didn’t like. She wanted to know what they were working on, influences, and what the writer was currently reading. Not one person wished for a long tale of a woe about a publisher who had done the author wrong.

One pen name only if possible. I have four pen names, which sometimes make it seem like there are large blocks between books. I’m writing four series currently. The pen names are Morgan K Wyatt ( Romance and Romantic Suspense), M K Scott (Cozy Mysteries written with my husband,) Morgan Kay (Romantic Comedies) and Rayna Noire ( Time Travel, Coming of Age, Fantasy)

Write the entire series or trilogy before publishing the first one. I wish I had done this! Things happen from job, family, to a computer crashing that slows down the series.

These are some of the things I wish I knew at the start. Not every author will have the same opinion or experiences. As a reader, what can you tell me? I learn a great deal from the readers. One gentleman asked me to make the chapters shorter, which I have.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Rayna Noire is an author and a historian. The desire to uncover the truth behind the original fear of witches led her to the surprising discovery that people believed in magick in some form up to 150 years ago. A world that believed the impossible could happen and often did must have been amazing. With this in mind, Ms. Noire taps into this dimension, shapes it into stories about Pagan families who really aren’t that different from most people. They do go on the occasional adventures and magick happens.

Glimmer will be $0.99 during the tour.

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Book tour & giveaway – Luke’s Redemption by Anni Fife


Luke’s Redemption

by Anni Fife


GENRE: Contemporary Erotic Romantic Suspense





Chased by her criminal kingpin father, Katya Dalca runs to New Orleans and straight into the arms of Luke Hunter. Sucked into the carnal world of the French Quarter, she succumbs to Luke’s potent sexuality. He not only steals her breath, he steals her heart and the only leverage she has against her father. She is left with no choice except to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life alone.

Undercover DEA agent Luke Hunter thought his newest assignment—recover a stolen flash drive to gain the trust of the Russian mob—was like any other. But his target brings him to his knees, and after one taste of her intoxicating beauty, he’s in too deep. Doing his job means walking away, leaving his heart behind with nothing but a promise to reunite. It’s a promise he can’t keep.

When Katya’s past reaches out and her world unravels, her only hope is the one man she is most vulnerable to—Luke.



We pulled into the underground parking at King Security and Luke parked the SUV in line with several other huge black Ford Expeditions. It appeared King Security had its own fleet.

Unable to stop myself, I blurted, “You were with Anna when you were undercover with my father, weren’t you?”

Luke pulled the keys from the ignition. In the deafening silence I didn’t think he was going to answer. Then he turned to me and bit out. “Yes!”

Wow! I didn’t expect him to be so honest. I sat back and folded my arms, tight. Damn, his answer hurt me. “So you make a habit of lying to your women? Being with them while you’re pretending to be someone you’re not? Is that your thing?”

“She wasn’t my woman,” Luke growled. “She was just a woman. She was there, I was there. It was never deep and it sure as hell wasn’t forever. Then it was over, and I made certain she was clear of the investigation. That was it.” He leaned towards me and said impatiently, “That tell you what you want to know?”

“Not even close. You made love to her didn’t you?”

“Hell no!” Luke snarled. “I fucked her. Like I have all the other women in my life. There’s only one woman I ever made love to Katya. And that was you.”

I went rigid, stunned into silence. Luke turned to open his car door. “You didn’t make love to me, Michael did,” I whispered.


Guest post

Anni says: At Christmas I was asked who my favorite character from one of my books was and why? Since Luke’s Redemption is my debut novel, I had to choose Luke Hunter. But I think he will always be my favorite because he’s my first alpha hero. I created him in the image of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor character, so what is not to love? Besides panty-melting looks, he’s also a man who feels deeply and loves with an all-consuming intensity. The abuse and loss he suffers in his early years shapes the man he becomes. He has a singular focus which made him a superior sniper in the military, and his protective instincts are through the roof. Luke is potently sexy and has no problem using this to his benefit, but when he is confronted with Katya’s pain and fears, we discover he has a depth of emotional intelligence that will bring you to tears. Well, it still brings me to tears every time I read it!

An Interview with Luke Hunter

Things you want to know that aren’t in the book!

Describe yourself in three words.

Protective. Focused. A fucking great lover to the woman I love. (Sorry, that’s more than three words!)

What is your greatest fear?


What was the overriding lesson you learned from being a sniper?


Do you have any guilt?

About being a sniper? No. But I do carry immense guilt over the death of my mother. You see, I used to pray for a miracle to change my life. I didn’t pray for my mother to die, but her death when I was twelve did bring about a miracle. It delivered me from the terrifying reality of my young life. When my uncles in New Jersey moved me in with them, they saved me. I think a lot of my focus and drive to succeed, protect my own family and team, is a way for me to pay penance for not being able to help my mom more. For feeling a kind of relief when she died.

Did you always want to join the marines?

No. I wanted to be a cop. Drugs ruined my mom, and I wanted to do something about that. I finished a degree in justice at the University of Phoenix and was accepted as a cadet for the NJ State Police Academy. I had to wait until I turned twenty-one to start, and that was when 9/11 happened. I never felt like I had any choice but to join up and do what I could to defend our country.

Is there anything you can’t do?

Sing! I sound like an ally cat. My daughter, Lily, kept on at me to sing with her, and finally I gave in. I was so bad she cracked up laughing. It cost me a mint in sweets and nail polish to stop her from telling her mother.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love photography. I find it a challenge to capture a moment, a mood. There’s nothing like sitting still and waiting for that perfect instant to click. That discipline comes from sniper training. I like that something beautiful can come from that. I don’t sell them or anything. If I think a photo is good enough I might frame it and put it on my wall. Or give it to somebody who matters to me.

Do you have a favorite photograph?

Yes. It’s the first photo I took of Katya. It was in New Orleans when I was following her. She’s jogging in the early morning light. A little boy ran out and she nearly knocked him over. She bent over to talk with him. Then she smiled. Fuck me. She looked so goddamn beautiful. Innocent. Sad. And warm, touchable. In that one moment, I could see so much.

Was that when you fell in love with Katya?

Maybe. But I know that I fell like a ton of bricks the first time I got a taste of her. You’ll have to read our story to learn more about that …

If you have any questions you want to ask Luke, email me and I’ll add them to the list. Anni xx


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Last year, Anni Fife closed the door on a twenty-year successful career in television production, to fulfill her lifelong passion, writing. In the space of one month, she closed her business, packed up her city life and moved to a small seaside village. ‘My writing has always been constrained by client briefs,’ Anni says. ‘Now, I finally have the opportunity to write to the beat of my own heart.’ LUKE’s Redemption is Anni’s debut novel and she hopes you enjoy it as much as she loved writing it. Anni loves to spend hours walking on the beach searching for pansy shells, more hours drinking red wine with her gal posse, and the most hours writing romance novels filled with women you can relate to and men you love to dream about. She is currently working on her second novel, GRAY’s Promise.

Anni is published by The Wild Rose Press.

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Blog tour & giveaway – TO THE STUDS by Roxanne Smith


Bound by Design #1

Roxanne Smith

Releasing Feb 21, 2017
Lyrical Shine


Duke has always made it clear she’s not his type. 
Yet the simmering tension between them says otherwise….


No one says no to fiery but talented home designer Neve Harper—which is how she convinces her elusive neighbor, Duke Kennicot, to help out with her latest renovation job. Not only is Duke a design aficionado, he’s got the inside scoop on the cabin’s owner. And since Neve’s ulterior motive is a romance with the boss, Duke is her ideal wingman. Except from the moment they’re alone in the remote Ozark mountain location, Neve discovers Duke is just as headstrong—and a whole lot sexier—than she ever realized. Duke has always made it clear she’s not his type. Yet the simmering tension between them says otherwise….

Duke had been warned to steer clear of hot-tempered Neve, but his resolve is lessening with every heated exchange—and every smoldering touch. By the time Neve unearths a dangerous, age-old mystery buried on the property, Duke is ready to do just about anything to keep the brazen beauty safe…. 




Duke waited until Angel Face shuffled into the elevator before rapping his knuckles across Neve’s door. He avoided men around Neve at all costs. Being gay was harder than he’d thought it would be. Was Angel Face superhot? Should he make a smutty comment or smile coyly at his butt as he walked past?

I need gay lessons. Hell of a thing to come to terms with, especially after two years of pulling it off.

Pajama-clad and curled into a ball on her ultrachic sofa, a beige monstrosity set square in the center of the high-ceilinged room atop a thick white rug, Neve didn’t pause in shoving yogurt-covered pretzels down her gullet to bother with a greeting. The scenery didn’t differ—sofa, pajamas, snacks, bad television—but she seemed more subdued than usual.

He sat next to her and snatched the remote from the coffee table. “Just because you renovate and design for a living doesn’t mean there aren’t channels besides HGTV. Why can’t I live next door to a chef? Or a chiropractor. Someone useful.”

“I’m assuming it’s because you were a real asshole in a previous life.”

“Can we watch Survivor, maybe try a movie once in a while?” He swept a lock of his hair over his shoulder and grinned as Neve rolled her eyes.

She’d never hidden her envious love of his hair. “Do you do that on purpose? Play with your hair and wear tight black jeans and T-shirts to torture straight females?” She turned her attention to the flipping channels on the television. “Because I would.”

“Really? If you were a hot lesbian, you’d deliberately entice straight men? That’s brutal.”

“That’s me. Brutal.” Normally, she made proclamations like that with a little more pride.

Duke chewed his lip and looked her over. She had her glossy, coffeecolored hair pulled into a rakish bun on the top of her head, wore her favorite plush robe over plaid pajamas, and one hand steadily ferried pretzels from the bag to her face.

Pretzel crumbs and all, he’d still get hard if he stared too long. Neve joked about converting him, but if she ever made an honest effort, he wouldn’t hesitate to wrap her killer legs around his waist like a bow, wind a lock of her silken hair through his fist, and make good on every vulgar fantasy he’d concocted over the last two years.

Duke shifted to find a more comfortable position in his awkwardly tight jeans, jeans growing tighter with each vivid image popping into his cranium—Neve on her back with her hair fanned out like a dark halo, Neve’s haughty mouth humbled by a moan of ecstasy, his palms on the inside of her thighs, spreading— Jesus Christ, man. I need to get laid.



A Florida native, Roxanne Smith has called everywhere from Houston to Cheyenne home. Currently residing in Roswell, New Mexico, she’s an avid reader of every genre, a cat lover, pit bull advocate, and semi-geek. She loves video games, Doctor Who, and her dashing husband. Her two kids are the light of her life and provide ample material for her writing.



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Book tour – Tempt me by J. Kenner

tempt me tour banner


A Stark International Novella

By J.Kenner

Release Day: Feb 14

Tempt Me_J Kenner_300dpi.jpg



Sometimes passion has a price …

When sexy Stark Security Chief Ryan Hunter whisks his girlfriend Jamie Archer away for a passionate, romance-filled weekend so he can finally pop the question, he’s certain that the answer will be an enthusiastic yes. So when Jamie tries to avoid the conversation, hiding her fears of commitment and change under a blanket of wild sensuality and decadent playtime in bed, Ryan is more determined than ever to convince Jamie that they belong together.

Knowing there’s no halfway with this woman, Ryan gives her an ultimatum – marry him or walk away. Now Jamie is forced to face her deepest insecurities or risk destroying the best thing in her life. And it will take all of her strength, and all of Ryan’s love, to keep her right where she belongs…



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Tempt Me tag line teaser



“I adore all of the women in my life,” he says. “I’d do anything for them.” He’s looking at me as he says it, and my heart flutters in my chest. But I’m not sure if he’s including me in that group, or if the hint of meaning I hear in his voice is nothing more than my imagination.

I shake my head as I frown, trying to clear my thoughts.

“You okay?”

“Fine,” I say, though it’s not true. Our rhythm is off, and it’s scaring me. We’ve always been in sync, even before we were dating. And now—well, now it almost feels like he’s deliberately keeping me off balance.

I want to get back to normal, and I don’t know the path, and my lack of confidence is frustrating me.

“Are you heading home?” Ryan asks.

I shake my head. “Oh, I don’t know. I haven’t decided. You?”

“Moira and I are taking Mom back to the hotel.”

I wait for him to invite me along, and when he doesn’t, I say, “It’ll be nice for you guys to have time to chat in the car. But she usually crashes early, doesn’t she?”

“Usually. Why?”

“Oh. Um.” I lick my lips. “Because I was wondering if you wanted to meet me somewhere. We could get a drink. We could talk.”

“Talk,” he repeats. He meets my eyes, and I see the question in them—have I changed my mind? Am I going to say yes?

I glance down at the floor.

“Talk,” he repeats. “No, I’m sorry. I can’t do that.”

I look up, frustrated. “But, Ryan, I just—”

“I have plans. I’m going to Westerfield’s.”

“Oh.” Westerfield’s is one of the hottest clubs in town. It’s also a Stark property, which means when Ryan goes he gets the full VIP treatment. Something that never fails to snag the attention of the female patrons. Most of whom are usually drunk. And wearing outfits that are barely big enough to keep a Barbie doll modest.

“Oh,” I repeat.

I wait for him to suggest I join him there, but all he says is, “It really was great that you came.” Then the bastard leans in and kisses my cheek. He kisses my f*cking cheek.


Tempt me teaser 1.jpg


Tempt Me teaser 4.jpg



Julie - J Kenner Author PhotoJ.Kenner (aka Julie Kenner) is the New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal and #1 International bestselling author of over seventy novels, novellas and short stories in a variety of genres.

Though known primarily for her award-winning and international bestselling erotic romances (including the Stark and Most Wanted series) that have reached as high as #2 on the New York Times bestseller list, JK has been writing full time for over a decade in a variety of genres including paranormal and contemporary romance, “chicklit” suspense, urban fantasy, and paranormal mommy lit.

JK has been praised by Publishers Weekly as an author with a “flair for dialogue and eccentric characterizations” and by RT Bookclub for having “cornered the market on sinfully attractive, dominant antiheroes and the women who swoon for them.” A five time finalist for Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award, JK took home the first RITA trophy awarded in the category of erotic romance in 2014 for her novel, Claim Me (book 2 of her Stark Trilogy). Her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series (as Julie Kenner) is currently in development with AwesomenessTV/Awestruck.

Her books have sold over three million copies and are published in over twenty languages.

In her previous career as an attorney, JK worked as a clerk on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and practiced primarily civil, entertainment and First Amendment litigation in Los Angeles and Irvine, California, as well as in Austin, Texas. She currently lives in Central Texas, with her husband, two daughters, and two rather spastic cats.




Book tour & giveaway – If Tomorrow Never Comes by Sophie Slade


Book Title: If Tomorrow Never Comes (Part 1 & 2)
Author: Sophie Slade
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 15, 2016
Cover Credit for If Tomorrow Never Comes, by: Sophie Slade:
Alyssa Collins Pic:
Photographer: Jamie Saveal Photography
Model: Nycole Craft
Cover Design: TNT Book Cover Designs
Logan pic and back cover pic:
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions

Part 1


Part 2


book blurb

On her way to Nashville to try her hand at a singing career, Alyssa Collins meets Logan Ambrose, her soul mate in every way. Not only is he a great singer and guitar player, he has a down-to-earth personality to die for. Soon, he proposes and they make plans for the future, but everything changes in an instant. A month later, she wakes from a coma only to learn that her life has changed forever.

Lost and distraught, Alyssa tries to make sense of her life. Needing to make a change, she puts her singing career behind her and finds herself in law school. Ten years later, she is a lawyer at a prestigious firm.

When Alyssa goes to New York for a political fund raiser, something happens that changes her life again. With more questions than answers, can she find it in herself to go on with her life … if tomorrow never comes?


If Tomorrow Comes, Part 1:

“Thank you, Nashville!” I yelled into the mic after the song came to an end. “Goodnight!”

I turned around to leave the stage, and the lead singer from the other band was still waiting in the wings, clapping wildly. I was surprised that he was still there.

As I ran off the stage, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me in for a kiss, taking me by surprise. I pulled back, and over his shoulder … was Logan.

“What the hell are you doing?” I yelled into the guy’s face. “Get off me!” I struggled against his grasp.

As if in slow motion, Logan closed his eyes and turned and walked away.

“Logan, no!” I yelled over the crowd, trying to go after him once I finally broke free of Gargantuan. But strong arms caught me. I looked up and into Craig’s eyes.

“Sorry, kitten, but you have to do an encore,” he said over the crowd. “Listen.” The crowd was chanting my name over and again.

“No!” I yelled over their cheers. “Logan…”

“Will understand. But right now, you need to go back out there.”

“But I have to explain!” I yelled over the crowd.

“Explain later,” he said over the crowd, whose cheers grew louder. “But you have to go out there … now! Before they tear the place apart.”

I turned around. My band was standing close by, watching, having heard and seen everything.

“He’s right, Missy,” Noah said. It was his nickname for me, short for Little Missy. “We have to go back out there.”

I nodded as I pulled myself together and focused on the moment. The greatest moment of my life had turned into a disaster within the matter of seconds. Then, I turned to Gargantuan. “What the hell was that?” He shrugged, enjoying my anger. “Don’t you ever pull anything like that again! I don’t give a shit who you are!”

He bit his lower lip in an effort to conceal a cocky grin, obviously enjoying the reprimand a bit too much. “Yes, ma’am.”

Brett bumped his shoulder against Gargantuan as he passed. “Get him out of here,” he said to a nearby bouncer. The rest of the guys glared at him protectively.

If Tomorrow Never Comes, Part 2:

“Thank you for such a wonderful evening,” I said as Logan walked me to my door. “I had a wonderful time.”

“The pleasure was mine,” he said as his eyes suddenly smoldered. Then, he took my hand and raised it to his lips and kissed it, never taking his eyes from mine.

My heart pounded within my chest at the simple gesture. “Well, I’d better go inside,” I said, my voice merely a whisper.

But as I turned to walk away, he took my hand and wrapped his arms around me. Without taking his eyes from mine, he smoothed my hair away from my face … and I couldn’t look away. An instant later, his lips descended upon mine, gently at first, and then with a passion unmatched by man. As he slid his hand down my back and cupped my ass, I didn’t stop him, although I knew I would pay for it later emotionally. Then, he pulled me abruptly to him, and I could feel his erection through his trousers, fitting perfectly against my clit, even through my dress. Even though it was just one kiss, it was the single most erotic moment of my life.

He pulled back, and I caught my breath as his lips moved down my jawline to the hollow under my ear and breathed against my skin. “Stay the night with me, Allie.”

My breath quickened. Although I wanted to say yes with every fiber of my being, my mind was saying no. I wanted to tell that part of me to shut up, but it couldn’t be ignored. “Logan, we have so much to talk about…”

“I know,” he said, cutting me off as he pushed my hair back over my shoulder, away from my neck, and then looked in to my eyes. “But I need you, Allie. It can be just for tonight if you like, but I need you.” He kissed my neck, and then traveled down, pulling my dress away from the top of my breast, and gave me a kiss.

“Logan, I need more time,” I whispered, delirious with passion.

He kissed down farther, mere inches from my nipple as I closed my eyes. We were standing in the hallway, but at that moment, I didn’t care who may have walked by. “Allie, I understand that you need more time, and I’ll give it to you … all the time you need. But I missed you,” he said, his eyes pleading. “I’ve missed you so much … and I need you. And if it ends up being just for tonight, then I can handle it.” His lips descended upon mine as his hand slid down to my breast. Then, he drew circles with his thumb around my nipple over my dress as he pulled me to his chest. “I know you may not want to hear this now,” he said under my ear as he kissed my throat. Then, he looked into my eyes and gently tucked a stray lock of hair behind my ear. “But I want you, Allie. Be mine, even if it’s just for the night … please.”


book trailer


meet the author

Sophie Slade is the author of Erotic Romance. She started writing TOUCHED BY A VAMPIRE, never intending to publish it. However, her husband read it, loved it, and encouraged her to finish writing the book. Now, she is the author of TOUCHED BY A VAMPIRE and CROSSROADS, books 1 and 2 in her ETERNALLY YOURS SERIES. The next book in the series, TO LOVE A VAMPIRE, is coming soon. The stand-alone book IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES, Parts 1 and 2, is coming in January. Sophie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, News Editorial sequence, from the University of Tennessee at Martin, and a minor in English. Sophie is a full-time author and resides in Florida with her husband and children.

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