Blurb blitz & giveaway – Demon Cursed by Karilyn Bentley


Demon Cursed

by Karilyn Bentley


GENRE:   urban fantasy


Cover_Demon Cursed.jpg


Gin Crawford, the world’s newest demon huntress, just wants to enjoy a football game, but finds herself hunting a serial killer minion instead. When his victims turn out to be the local football star’s female fans, she must determine if the player has joined forces with the minion, but her efforts lead her deeper into danger. When her mentor, Aidan Smythe, is attacked, Gin resolves to go to any lengths to save him, even if it exposes her most tightly held secret. Minions and demons, however, aren’t the only terrors she faces. Will she realize the greatest danger lies within—before it’s too late?



Finally. I can relax, push the night’s activity out of my head, and go to sleep. Plenty of time to track down the minion tomorrow.

I step into my room, close the door, and flip on the light. And come to a heart-pounding stop. Sweat shimmies down my spine. A sinking heaviness settles in my lower belly.

Zagan, the demon of lies and deceit, sprawls on my bed, jean-clad legs crossed at the ankles, head resting on his hands, his biceps bunching in a mouth-watering manner. A tight, white t-shirt frames his muscular chest and abs, pulls tight around his arms. Hot as hell and just as freaking scary.

Instead of turning into a sword and showing the demon who’s boss, my stupid justitia jitters the happy-happy joy-joy dance on my wrist. The malfunctioning bracelet considers Zagan a friend.

And what does my esteemed employer, the Agency, have to say about that? My favorite line:

justitias don’t have friends.

Uh-huh. Tell that to my bracelet.

Soulless black eyes twinkle as he stretches out a hand toward me. “Hello, Gin.”

My name rolls off his tongue in that ancient Middle Eastern accent of his, and it’s not a shiver of fear skating across my skin. Damn it.

I ignore his hand. Last time I touched him skin-on skin my brain almost hemorrhaged. “What are you doing in my room, Zagan?”

“Why this”—he waves his hand between us—“animosity? Can friends not sit around and talk?”

“Sure. But we’re not friends.”

He drops his hand and pushes to a sit. “Nonsense. I help you. You help me. That is the human definition of friendship, yes?”

“Not exactly.” I refuse to debate the intricacies of friendship with one of Hell’s denizens.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

AuthorPic_Demon Cursed

Karilyn Bentley’s love of reading stories and preference of sitting in front of a computer at home instead of in a cube, drove her to pen her own works, blending fantasy and romance mixed with a touch of funny.

Her paranormal romance novella, Werewolves in London, placed in the Got Wolf contest and started her writing career as an author of sexy heroes and lush fantasy worlds.

Karilyn lives in Colorado with her own hunky hero, a crazy dog nicknamed The Kraken, a silly puppy, and a handful of colorful saltwater fish.

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