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Daughter of Etheron
by Brandon Young


Genre: YA Space Fantasy
Release Date: April 18th 2017
Starforged Entertainment


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Summary from Goodreads:

Born the children of the ruling family.

Betrayed by the ones that swore to protect them.


Siblings, Elenah and Teveran are thrust into a secret war of space magicians that will decide the fate of the galaxy.

But a darkness swells in the galactic depths, magicians wielding magic not seen for millennia, and as the struggle for power grows more desperate, the children might find themselves fighting on opposite sides of the conflict.

The first book in the Saga of the Magicus Eye.



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Elenah and Teveran are gone, and now in the palace sitting room, their father Bayle attempts to rally Gilgan—a servant of the family—to set forth across the galaxy to bring them home…

Bayle grumbled. “Highlord Kloak will return in four days to begin the instalment of the base.” He looked up at him. “I won’t rest that burden on you. But…But Elenah will listen to you. Maybe you can bring her back. Maybe you can save them both—for me.”

“I…” Gilgan’s breath caught in his throat. “I don’t know what to say.” He forced a weak chortle, and leaned on his black cane. “Master Lockwood, I can hardly walk.”

“They need you.”

“They need you!” Gilgan said, eying him intently. He shook his head, drew a deep breath, and let it out slowly. “You’re their father, goddammit!”

Bayle looked at him hopelessly. Within his one good eye, Gilgan could see the two children of Etheron, pleading for his help. But Gilgan couldn’t save them. His days of travelling the galaxy were gone now. It would be simple foolishness to go back out there.

“This is your responsibility.”

“Dammit, Gilgan!” Bayle roared, slamming his fist into the couch. He twisted his face and his eyes turned to fire. “Would you not help a dying man?”

“Don’t give me that crap!” He stepped forward, driving his cane into the wine-soaked carpet. It almost slipped and sent him doubling over. “You know I can’t go back out there, Bayle. Not with everything that happened. I did some terrible things. There are people who will—”

“My children are going to die,” Bayle simply said. “I wish there was a cure to this disease. I would cross the stars for them if I could…But I can’t, Bayle, and they’re all I have left.”

Gilgan’s forehead burned with sweat. It reminded him of the battlefield. It was his fault Elenah was gone. He should have stopped her. He could have. He’d fought armies, and some of the most powerful magicians ever to manifest in the galaxy. Then why…Why hadn’t he tried? I’m going to be sick, he thought, spinning around and hobbling back across the chamber. I can’t do this, Bayle. I won’t go back. I won’t be the person I was!

“Gilgan!” Bayle snapped. “You can’t run away forever!”

Gilgan tossed the door open and bolted through the halls. This mutation would be the death of him. His parents had abandoned him, he’d been called impure by the only family he ever had, left alone to wander the galaxy, just trying to stay alive…

The corridors of the palace curved and split in every direction. He stumbled around every bend. His leg was aching like it had never ached in years. There was a time long ago, in the heat of battle, when he didn’t need his cane, when it was like he’d never been born with this mutation at all…But those times were far gone now. These days he could barely walk from one side of a room to the other without falling over and making a fool of himself.

He threw open the door to his study and his cane slipped on the polished floorboards. He grunted as he barrelled forward, landed on his crippled leg to keep his balance, then shouted as he hurled his cane halfway across the room. It slammed his desk with a crack. What have I done? He floundered over to his bed, but collapsed to his knees before he reached it.

You can’t run away forever…

So are you going to help me? He saw Elenah’s face in the darkness, a bright light behind all this rage. He was weak. He was afraid.

And she was far too strong for her own good.

“Rysenthor’s flame,” he groaned, dragging himself up against the side of the bed. “Damn.” His crooked leg folded, pain lancing up his thigh. The study was cramped. It held nothing more than his creaky old bed, the dusty antiquated desk, three dirty bookshelves, and papers strewn across the ruddy floor. A lamp hung from the ceiling, emitting hazy yellow light. There were maps plastered across the walls, and a stained writ from the long-dead chancellor of Thrall. Gilgan didn’t come in here often anymore; it was a place of too many bad memories. “I don’t know what to do.” He grabbed his cane and pulled himself upright. “I—”

The door swung open.

“Please leave,” Gilgan said, breathless.

Rose stepped into the room, the door swinging shut behind her. Gilgan smelt her sweet perfume, like a knife. He struggled away from her, leaning on his cane. He stumbled over to his desk, then locked his jaw to stop himself from screaming at her. “Gilgan,” she said, her velvet voice untouched by age. “I saw you running across the hall. Are you okay?”


Guest Post

Why I write the kinds of books I do

Thanks for having me on the blog!

Ever since I was first getting into books and movies, my favourite stories have been those filled with adventure, new worlds, and large casts of interesting characters. One of my favourite novels growing up was Rowan of Rin by another Australian author, Emily Rodda, which was probably the number-one driving force that launched me into wanting to become a writer. This teamed with my love of Star Wars and other fantasy properties like Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, video games like Final Fantasy and Halo, and also my interest in all things Egypt, resulted in my first fiction serial, Battle Wars, which was basically a mash-up of everything I liked. There were crazy creatures, a villain cloaked in black who looked suspiciously like Vader, multiple storylines, multiple characters—and in the end was probably too convoluted. My stories evolved over the years, but they never strayed far from these early seeds. Daughter of Etheron is my tenth novel, and could be considered a culmination of my last four, as it borrows several story ideas that may come to fruition in further instalments. Daughter is the beginning of the epic tale I’ve always wanted to write, and as it progresses I hope to have it evolve into something special. They say to write what you love, and that’s what I basically do. There’s magic, space battles, high drama, high stakes, and lots of characters all fighting for the things they believe in whatever the cost.


About the Author

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Brandon Young is the debut author of the Saga of the Magicus Eye. He’s also a musician, gamer, and avid Star Wars fan living in Melbourne, Australia.

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