Book tour & giveaway – A Stranger She Can Trust by Regan Black


A Stranger She Can Trust

by Regan Black


GENRE: Romantic suspense




Outside a busy Philadelphia nightclub, a woman stumbles from her taxi. Beaten and bruised, she is an amnesiac who must rely on a handsome stranger to help her uncover her identity. Carson Lane—a paramedic with his own dark history—can’t help but bring this beautiful, vulnerable woman under his wing. As they begin unraveling who she really is, he realizes falling in love could be the biggest risk of all.



“Would you like us to take you home or call a friend or family member for you?” Grant asked.

A fresh bolt of panic shot through her like white-hot lightning streaking through a dark sky. The sensation left her gasping. She knew what they were asking. She knew what it meant to call someone. She just couldn’t remember the numbers or names that would connect her to someone familiar. The concept of family made her feel marginally better and a thousand times worse, though the word didn’t induce quite as much dread as friend did. Alexander was the name on the matchbook, and Grant and Carson were here and had been kind to her. Those three names were the extent of her world.

She wanted answers as much as the men asking the questions.

“No. I guess not.” She studied the man named Grant sitting behind his desk. The hard jaw and thick build gave off an air of no-nonsense toughness, but his warm brown gaze didn’t induce any fear, and the gray hair salting his temples added a trust factor.

“I can’t tell you where I live. I mean, I don’t know the answer.” She fisted her hands in frustration, and her short fingernails bit into her palms. “I don’t know who to call. The names…” Her breath rattled in and out of her chest. How could her head feel so full and empty at the same time? “The names are just gone,” she finished in a hoarse whisper.



Regan Black: Top Ten List

Thanks so much for having me here today and helping me celebrate the release of A Stranger She Can Trust!

If people follow me on twitter or Facebook, they’ll see #happiness almost every day. Having been around long enough to realize life loves to throw curve balls, I believe happiness is more about our attitude than circumstances.

So here is my Top Ten List of Things That Make Me Happy (in no particular order):

  1. Great books that sweep me away as a reader and shut down my internal editor. Most recently that list includes books by Laura Florand, Lisa Kleypas, and Clive Cussler.
  1. Our greyhound Bandit. He’s the biggest greyhound we’ve ever adopted and yet he is the sweetest writing assistant. Plus he makes sure I get my daily dose of sunshine with romping time each morning.
  1. Surprises from ornery or gritty characters while I’m writing the story. Sometimes my imaginary friends can be so stubborn.
  1. Living in South Carolina. We have the coast, the mountains, the lush greenery and something blooming almost every month of the year.
  1. Fantastic movies that draw me in. From Skyfall to Enchanted, John Wick to The Man From Snowy River, my preferences are eclectic but I enjoy them all.
  1. Revising a writing project to make it a delightful experience for readers. I used to dread editing, now I embrace it as the opportunity it is.
  1. Snuggles from our rather odd and demanding cats. We have two, brothers rescued several years ago during my husband’s first overseas deployment.
  1. Our two children. They’re growing into lovely people and it’s a joy to watch them strive for their goals. (Plus they’re no longer embarrassed that their mom is a romance author).
  1. Wind in the trees in our backyard. The sound relaxes and rejuvenates me.
  1. My amazing husband of 26+ years. He’s my personal hero who laughs with me, soothes me, or throws chocolate – according to the current deadline situation.

Live the adventure!



AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Regan Black, a USA Today bestselling author, writes award-winning, action-packed romantic suspense and paranormal romance novels featuring daring heroines and sexy heroes. Raised in the Midwest and California, she and her family, along with their adopted greyhound and two arrogant cats, reside in the South Carolina Lowcountry where the rich blend of legend, romance, and history fuels her imagination.







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Regan Black will be awarding a $50 Amazo/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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