Blog tour & giveaway – The invasion by T.H. Hernandez

Today we have the blog tour for THE INVASION by T.H. Hernandez! Check out this fantastic new dystopian romance and grab your copy today!

About The Invasion:

They failed. Evan and Cyrus risked everything to keep the Uprising from attacking the unarmed Union, but something went terribly wrong. Evan’s home has been invaded by soldiers who are killing government officials and occupying the homes of her fellow citizens.

Captured by the Uprising, Evan fights for her life and her sanity, desperate to escape so she can find Cyrus and her family.

Reeling from an unexpected discovery, Cyrus is adrift until he uses his Uprising training to find a way to fight back against the invading force the only way he knows how.

With the help of old friends and new, they will do whatever it takes to protect each other and those they love, even if it means sacrificing being together, their way of life, and even their very lives.

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Taking a cleansing breath, I raise my knuckles to the door. It’s early and I give a passing thought to getting coffee and coming back a little later, but the need to see Evan is more powerful than a desire not to wake her.

I knock and my teeth clench as I wait for a response. Rustling comes from the other side, but no footsteps, so I knock again. More rustling is followed by silence, then heavy footfalls approach the door. Not Evan. This must be the wrong room. I pull the paper Eddie gave me out of my pocket to read it again. Unless he made a mistake when he wrote it down, this is the right one.

The door opens and my eyes widen to the point I’m sure my eyeballs are going to escape their sockets. Son of a bitch. I blink to make sure I’m not hallucinating, and a huge smile splits my face. “Fuck, man, you’re alive.”

Bryce runs a hand over the top of his head and steps back from the door.

I take in the room, confusion replacing my initial shock. One rumpled bed. My attention returns to Bryce, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans, his T-shirt discarded on the floor.

My face is hot like I’m too close to a fire. I take a step back. No way would she sleep with him. Not again. Not when she knew I was coming back. My hands rake through my hair while I try to sort it all out. Eddie was weird when I showed up at his place. Did he know Bryce and Evan were holed up together in a hotel room? Fuck.

Dick turns and glances around the room, as if he’s searching for something before turning back to me. “Look, she says you guys split up.”

Bile rises in the back of my throat as I struggle against the building rage. My eyes lock onto his side where red, angry burns wrap around his torso. Before I can stop myself, my fist connects with his face with satisfying force, sending a sharp jolt up my arm that I relish.

He stumbles back, but doesn’t fall, and I step forward to hit him again. My head throbs, on the verge of exploding. Douche braces himself for the next blow but doesn’t move to defend himself. As I draw back, I notice the burns again and check myself.

He rubs his jaw and stares at me, anger flaring across his face.

I unload a few choice words, and his eyes widen in response, like my language offends him or some shit.

“Forget it,” I spit, turning and storming down the hall. I slam my hand into the elevator button, but I can’t wait for it to arrive, opting for the stairs instead.

White fury scorches through me and I punch the wall, feeling the crunch, the searing pain that temporarily distracts me from the storm raging in my chest.

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About T.H. Hernandez:

When not visiting the imaginary worlds inside my head, I live in San Diego, California, with one husband, three children, two cats, and one dog. In addition to my day job as a technical writer and editor, I write young adult fiction. I love the intensity of teen emotions and the way they’re still figuring out life. When I’m not writing, you can find me with my nose in a book, hanging out with family and friends, hiking, or knitting. I’m obsessed with Facebook, young adult novels, bad lip reading videos, pumpkin spice lattes, microbrewed beers, and the San Diego Chargers.

Connect with T. H. Hernandez:

Goodreads | Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram | Author Amazon Page

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